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Automated Strapping with Pneumatic press (Polyprop Strap)

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⚫ Arch Size: W 1 4 50 mm x H 6 00 mm
⚫ Using with 5 8 mm Wi dth (Specific) PP Strap and Strapping Speed Up to 30 Straps Per
⚫ Std. Pneumatic Operated Top Press Provides Ext ra P ressure Aims to Compress the Load
Air Supply: 0.4 0.6 Mpa
⚫ Foldable Power Roller Tabltop
⚫ Control Panel
Emergency Stop;
Number of Straps Selection Switch: 1 to 2 Straps Selectable;
Power Light;
Electronic Tension Adjustment (1 10);
3 Strapping M odes Selector Switch:
* Auto Conveying, Detection and Strapping Packages;
* Hand Running: Manual Push Button Controls;
* Convey Only Conveying without Strapping;
Manual Strapping Push Button;
⚫ Std. Auto Package Detection Sensors x 2 Pc s
Automatic Strap Threading
⚫ PC Board + SIEMENS PLC Control

Customization upon request

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