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Low Bed (Polyprop)

Essentially this is a semi automatic strapping machine on its side which allows items to be strapped from the side. The items to be strapped are placed on an adjustable work table which can be moved up or down to suit requirements. The semi automatic strapping machine side seal model has high environment adaptability, the benefit being that moisture or splinters from timber do not drop onto the sealing head. This is perfect for low temperature conditions and therefore is widely used in the frozen food industry, and the timber industry that needs to strap together bundles of various timber products where splinters can be a problem.

Rigid castors with brake
Energy efficient, motor only runs as needed
Reliable P.C. Board control
Affordable for every budget
Offer maximum total value among competing brands
Proven quality
Strap Width 6 mm-15.5 mm
Strap Tension 15 kg-45 kg
Dimension 902 mm x 586 mm x 1180 mm
Net Weight 83kg
Power 220V, 50/60Hz 1PH

Customization upon request

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