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Mobile Pallet Strapper

Threading Machine Parameters

Model: TPC Pallet Strapper
Weight: 105KG
Machine Specifications: L -950MM, W-750MM, H-1250MM
Noise Level: 79db(A)
Applicable packaging tape material: Polypropylene (PP) / Polyester (PET) strapping
Applicable packaging tape specifications: PP (core 200MM)
PET (core 406MM
Applicable strapping thickness: 0.6-1.3MM
Applicable strapping width: 12-19MM
Minimum height of pallet clearance: 75MM
Minimum width of pallet gap: 200MM

1. The height of the goods can reach 3 meters;
2. The goods can be threaded without bending over, which reduces the fatigue of the operators;
3. One person can operate it, with several times the operating efficiency;
4. Automatic threading, flexible movement and fast threading speed;
5. Charge for 2.5 hours and wear 600 straps;
6. Use PP/PET straps to tie goods together with a baler.

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