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Primary Desiccants

Mineral Clay Desiccants

Mineral clay desiccants are desiccant bags (or moisture control packets) specifically engineered for the shipping industry. They are a form of primary packaging moisture protection that keeps cargo free from moisture when docked or en route. We also manufacture a range of container desiccants.

PacDry desiccants protect all products (specifically moisture-sensitive products) during storage and transportation. Without the use of mineral clay desiccants, goods can become damaged resulting in huge losses in costs.

The raw material of our eco-friendly desiccant is natural Montmorillonite clay and does not contain any additives or calcium chloride.


The use of moisture control desiccants in shipping containers has boundless benefits:

  • Prevents moisture damage
  • Efficient and cost-effective moisture control
  • Environmentally friendly and safe moisture remover
  • Various sizes for most applications and uses
  • Conforms to U.S Milspec D-3464E
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