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Side Seal (Polyprop)

This low profile Semi Automatic Strapping Machine with a table height of 460mm, is perfect for the heavy or tall items that need to be strapped reducing the distance of the item to be picked up. The semi automatic strapping machine is simple for anyone to use and straps at a quick speed with high efficiency. Simply place your item for strapping onto the table, feed the strap around the item and into the strapping head, which hits a trigger, pulls the strap back in reverse, tensions, and heat seals then cuts the strap. Then it feeds the next piece of strap ready for the next item.

Rigid castors with brake
Energy efficient, motor only runs as needed
Reliable P.C. Board control
Affordable for every budget
Offer maximum total value among competing brands
Proven quality
Strap Width 6 mm-15.5 mm
Strap Tension 15 kg-45 kg
Dimension 902 mm x 586 mm x 300 mm
Net Weight 83kg
Power 220V, 50/60Hz 1PH

Customization upon request

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